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About Our Dogs



 History of the Australian Cobberdog

The Australian Cobberdog was recognized in January 2012 as a pure breed in development sprung partly from the root stock of the authentic Australian Labradoodle.  It was further developed by carefully selected infusions for very specific reasons and at particular stages of development.  Like most pure breeds it is different from the breed/s from which it originated.

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History of the Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle was originally a cross breed of Labrador Retriever and Poodle to achieve a therapy dog for people allergic to dogs. Australian Labradoodles have been bred with Australian Labradoodles with controlled infusions from other breeds to achieve the desired traits of temperament, low to no shed, and allergy friendliness with consistency. Any Authentic Australian Labradoodle is multi-gen with pedigrees tracing back to the originators of the breed, Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia.

The American Labradoodle followed the Australian Labradoodle and likewise was originally a cross breed of Poodle and Labrador Retriever and remains so today. It was created in the USA and Great Britain as a means to jump on Australia’s bandwagon. While some are low to no shed and allergy friendly the mixed breed yields inconsistent pups especially in the area of temperament. Many are hyperactive which is not a desirable trait for a Labradoodle.

Three Labradoodle Pups Having Fun

Gentle Fun Loving Dogs

 The Australian Cobberdog

 The ultimate Therapy Dog and family companion, wise and gentle
Goofy fun nature, they love to make you laugh!
Sensitive affectionate loving, empathize and respond intuitively to human emotion
​Sociable and non-aggressive, patient with children
Intuitive, eager to please and thrive on training
Seek a deep connection with human eyes
No Shedding, No doggie smell even when wet
Respond best to Appreciation training methods
Three sizes - Miniature Medium and Standard

Rutledge Park's goal is to breed Australian Labradoodles and Australian Cobberdogs with superior health and temperaments.


General Description



Australian  Labradoodles and Cobberdogs are very athletic and graceful dogs. They are generally quite lean and muscular. They have a wonderful personality and when you look into their eyes you see happiness, affection, and loyalty. 


They are available in three sizes, Standard, Medium,  and Miniature.

Standard - 22 - 26 inches and weighs 45 - 90 pounds

Medium - 18 - 21 inches and weighs 30 - 45 pounds

Miniature - 14 - 17 inches and weighs 20 - 30 pounds


1. Wool: generally the most allergy/asthma friendly, shed free coat. It feels and appears coarse but is quite soft to the touch  

2. Curly (aka Spiral) Fleece: very little shedding making it quite allergy/asthma friendly. Is very soft and has flowing curls.

3. Wavy Fleece: softest and shiniest of the coats